Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival 2013

Hi all! We are coming to you live from Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival this weekend. We are having a great time even though we left spring behind and ascended into zones where it is still most assuredly winter, LOL!


It was a lovely and balmy 77 degrees back home in Nashville, and very much colder and grayer here. It has been in the 20’s and 30’s and some light snow and flurries have been falling periodically. The cold does not scare off the local fiber enthusiasts though. I guess they must be used to it. ;-) We look forward to this show every year! It is good to get back into the swing after a nice winter break and maybe it’s the same way for the students and shoppers, huh?


I forgot to bring my good camera so these are passable pictures from my Galaxy S3, which is actually pretty darn good for a phone camera. :-)


We will be heading home tomorrow morning, early if the weather is not too bad to make an early start, that is. There is a possibility of icy roads early but if so they will likely be cleared by late morning. If that happens we will leave a bit later and see how far we can get before dark. I don’t like to drive late into the night so we will play it by ear.


I haven’t had time to finish up the pattern for Sorrel this weekend, but I have done a bit more knitting on the “wrap”. Okay I seriously need a name for it, LOL! I am tired of calling it the wrap. Any suggestions? Scroll down to my last post if you forgot what it looks like. It’s a tiny bit bigger but not worth a new picture. :-)

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