Now for something a little different

I finished the left front of my cardigan. Now, the obvious thing to do would be to cast on for the right front, which is the last piece to knit. In hind sight, that would have been the wisest choice but I was a trifle bored with the stitch pattern and wanted a change.


I place the blame for what befell me after this, here. Remember these?


Well I may have ordered more.


Which, coupled with the boredom of my project monogamy and the lure of shiny new needles, got me to “Jonesing” for a new pair of gloves. Smile  I went stash diving and cast on for these.


Pretty aren’t they? Yeah, well, they are no more. Yep, had to rip them out. Sigh. I overestimated the size and need to start over with fewer stitches. I suspected this while I was still knitting the cuff but of course ignored the warning. I kept on going thinking “oh it will be fine, right?” Wrong!

So lesson learned? Don’t cheat on your sweater. I am casting on for the last sweater piece before I re-knit the glove. Maybe. Winking smile

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