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New colors and a Bon Voyage SALE

We have the winners of the color experiments! I have the dye all mixed. The yarn is all skeined. Dyeing to commence in the next day or two.

Here are the finalists:

Below are the results of tweaking the purple and pink one final time. I decided on the ones on the bottom. They go best with the rest of our colors. I really like the pink one now. :-)

I haven’t picked out names yet but was offered a few good suggestions from Kristi (I especially liked Varying Violet). I think I have decided on the yellow one though. I looks so much like Summer Squash to me that I think that’s what it has to be. Peach sounds a little boring, even though that’s what it is. I will have to come up with something better than that. Maybe Southern Peach? hmm… I have nothing on the pink one. I will see what I think when I see the full size skeins I suppose. Feel free to add any suggestions for any of the colors in the comments. I will welcome any help!

On the slightly bittersweet side is the fact that adding four new colors means we must discontinue four colors. Rats! But on the bright side. for you anyway, is that we are marking all the discontinued colors half price until they are gone. What a deal for you right? The colors going “bye-bye” are Aubergine, Dark Rose, Red Grape, and Pear. To shop the sale go to the Hand Dyed Yarn and highlight the color you want from the dropdown selector. Sale prices are displayed after you do that. :-)

On to knitting progress minute though it may be. I can not believe this is the sum total of my knitting since the end of April. Sheesh. As you can see I have finally gotten to the home stretch on my small Sorrel. I have started the yoke at last. Yay!

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