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Wow! It has been a busy several weeks around here. Between all the yarn dyeing and my trip to Jacksonville I have barely had time for anything else. It is not going to be slowing down any time soon either. We have 11 shows in the next 14 weeks with only brief stops at home between. We will be leaving for Chicago next week and will be away for three weekends with no trips home. I am both excited about the shows and apprehensive about the separation from my family who will be home. Prayers are welcome and appreciated. :-)

I already showed you Nadira in an earlier post but I didn’t have a picture of the knitter modeling it until today. I like Kyla in purple. :-)

Cassie and Joanie finished their Ruxton Shawls on July 6th but I am just now getting around to taking the pictures and writing a post.

The green one above is knit with our Merino Superwash Sock in Green Apple. If you want the full details click over to the Ravelry project page.

This version is made from our Merino Superwash Sport in French Marigold. Here’s the Ravelry link for it.

I really love how the edging looks!

As you can see our Sock weight version came out smaller than our Sport version. That is partly the yarn and partly that we used size 4 needles for the Sock and size 5 needles for the Sport. I wanted to maintain the lovely texture for the lighter version.

You can better compare their sizes in this shot.

I have some new knitting to show you but I am saving that for next time which I will aim for getting to in a few days.

I will share a couple cute shots of my youngest (4 yr. old above) and my grandson (below). :-)

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