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Many changes coming

I hope you all had a nice time over the Christmas holiday. We had the usual present opening madness Christmas morning, followed by a turkey dinner and lots of goodies. We watched A Christmas Carol (the new Disney animated one which is surprising good and accurate) and of course It’s a Wonderful Life. We always watch these on Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day.

Three of my daughters made these awesome cards for a Christmas morning surprise. There was one for each of us with a personalized picture inside tailored to what we like. Mine had the actual elven lettering from the One Ring with the translation around the border. I would have shown you a picture but the light is terrible today and the camera just wasn’t doing it justice. But, the front covers that all make up the Charlie Brown Christmas scene is amazing, no? It’s all drawn freehand. Wow, right?

I have been busy since the rest of this week getting started on building a new website. I built my current one 7 years ago and while I have tweaked it and updated it I know it could be better. It is looking dated and really needs a fresh start. Since I am changing the cart system it is just easier to rebuild it from the ground up. It is a tremendous job and will likely take me several months before it is ready I am excited about it. I am sure it will be worth all the time invested.

I also have a few new product ideas up my sleeve. I am thinking about a design that I may write up and sell as a kit with the yarn to make it. If I stick with my current idea it will make more sense to do kits because it will involve color work and having kits will have the advantage of the knitter not needing to purchase multiple skeins to do the project when only partial skeins are needed.

I have picked out several color combinations I am mulling over and have done one of them up in a swatch.

Okay for my last bit of news, here is what Meredith made me for Christmas.

Isn’t it fabulous?! I love it! I have been using it as a barrette in my hair as well as a shawl pin. And yes, before you ask there will be more where this one cam from. It is a sneak preview of one of our newest products we will be adding to the store soon. Hand tooled leather goods! I am so excited about these! This is the first of many ideas we have coming in the next year.

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