Let them eat cake

So, today is my birthday. We don’t make a big fuss in our house about them but we always make cake. The birthday person gets to pick what kind. I usually pick carrot cake. My favorite recipe is this one from King Arthur Flour.  2012 01 26_0211.JPG

The only modification I make is to leave out the pecans and press them into the frosting. I do that because a couple of people in our family object to them in the cake and my second son has peanut allergy. What I do is cut out a quarter of the cake and leave it plain and then add the nuts to the rest. 2012 01 26_0221.JPG

It is the best carrot cake recipe I know. Turns out perfect every time and even a less experienced baker would have no trouble with it.

2012 01 26_0225.JPG

What goodies did I get? Well, I treated myself a week or two back to a new pair of headphones that I have had my eye on for awhile. They are still in the “burn in” stage, but are totally awesome already. For the non-audiophiles out there, these are the highly regarded Sennheiser HD650’s. They are my constant companion whenever I am at my computer.  I am actually listening to some music with them as I am writing this post. You should hear what they do for a movie played from a Blu-Ray. It’s like being in a theater. 2012 01 26_0220.JPG

Another thing I recently got isn’t a birthday present but it DOES have to do with getting older, LOL! I finally conceded that I needed a pair of reading glasses, and man, does these help! Who knew? 2012 01 26_0212.JPG

I was working on the Pei Scarf and was on the rows with the nupps(hate those little buggers) and they were making me crazy! So, I got this CRAZY idea to put on the glasses. Whoa! Why didn’t I think of that earlier? I didn’t realize that some of the stress was because I COULDN’T SEE clearly where to position the needle to get those 5 stitches to knit together through the back loop. I still don’t love doing them, but it did help.

2012 01 26_0208.JPG

My oldest son took this shot of a squirrel raiding our bird feeder this morning.  I don’t really mind if they sneak a meal. I saw a couple blue birds and a titmouse feeding from it yesterday, so I guess they don’t mind sharing either.

2012 01 26_0203.JPG


9 thoughts on “Let them eat cake

  1. Happy birthday! My mom’s always let the birthday person pick their cake (or pie) too. Enjoy the rest of your day and your new headphones!

    1. Thank you! I almost picked cheesecake, which is my other favorite.

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!! I hope you had an enjoyable day. That cake looks amazingly delicious!
    Enjoy the rest of your day!

    1. Thank you, I did have a nice day. I did a little knitting, and reading too. I still have some cake left for tomorrow and the birthday person ALWAYS gets the seconds. :-)

  3. Happy Birthday! Seeing good, hearing good, tasting good – it’s all good! ;)

  4. You are so right, thank you :-)

  5. Happy birthday! We just celebrated a birthday around here, too! Drew turned 5 recently; he wanted chocolate cake with strawberry frosting but your carrot cake looks wonderful, too!

    1. Chocolate cake with strawberry frosting sounds divine!!

      1. It was reeeeally delicious. Homemade, all of it! In mercy to my waistline we sent all the leftovers home with Drew!

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