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I promised some progress on the Ella Funt sweater on my next post so it took several days to get enough completed to be worthy of a picture. I am finally to the color work yoke section which is where the fun really begins.

Ella Funt

As you can see I have completed the first section, which is the adorable little elephants and the first set of decreases.

Ella Funt

I don’t do color work very often but who could resist this, I ask you? I can see the rest of the sweater going very fast so it should be all done in a few days.

I actually have some more gorgeous knitting to share with you today, although it’s not mine. I sent some Classic Merino Sport off the Kristi to knit another Cradle Me blanket for the booth since the original I knit is Elijah’s “blankie” and therefore is NOT an option to take it for the booth anymore. She has knit for me before and does such a wonderful job!

Cradle Me blanket

Isn’t it delicious? She had plenty of yarn left from the three skeins I sent her for the smallest size so she volunteered to make pair of Fallberry Mitts with some of it.

Fallberry fingerless mitts

I think they are exquisite! Thank you so much Kristi! Well done. Smile

Fallberry mitts and Cradle Me blanket

Let’s see, what else do I have to share today? Oh, yeah! I made some new business cards with the new logo and just got them from the printer.

2011 11 14_2774.JPG

We still need to design an new banner for the booth and redesign the labels, but I like the changes so far.

I also finished reading The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins this morning. I don’t know why I had the idea this was going to be a ghost story? It wasn’t. I did enjoy it though. I guess this would be classified as a mystery? It’s not really a murder mystery either though. Like a good mystery, it does wrap itself up nicely at the end with most of the characters getting their just desserts.

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