Just getting started….

I am getting my feet wet with this writing thing. I have resisted it for quite some time but maybe I do have something to say after all? Anyway I will give it a go and see how it feels.

We know that no post is any good without a picture, right? Let’s see what I can come up with here…..


Babies are always good, no? Okay that’s good for a test run. Let’s see how this thing looks live, shall we?

4 thoughts on “Just getting started….

  1. I remember meeting you at your booth at the Midwest Fiber and Folk Festival last summer, when your sweet baby was just about 10 days old, I think. He’s gotten so big and even cuter!

    1. Yes he has and we are enjoying him very much. Will you be coming back to the festival this year?

  2. Welcome to blogging! :)

    (I don’t blog nearly as often as I should)

    1. Hi Kristi! Thanks for the welcome. I hope I will actually enjoy the chance to practice and improve my writing. Who knows? I may even like it. :-D

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