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Jimi Shawl

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I am home from Virginia and the sun finally showed it’s face yesterday. I hadn’t seen the sun in at least 10 days and it was good to see it after all the gray days and rain. I actually came home early, on Thursday, when I should have just arrived today. It was a great disappointment to everyone that the Fall Fiber Festival had to be cancelled due to the rain prior to the hurricane and then with the additional rain fall predicted for the weekend. It was undoubtedly the right call as the show is in a field in tents, but it was a bummer none the less.

That is a picture taken by the vendor coordinator for the festival on the Friday we were supposed to set up or maybe it was Saturday morning, but anyway it clearly would have been impossible for the show to go on under those conditions. Hopefully next year will be perfect!

So anyway as you can see, I finished the Jimi Shawl. I bound it off last night and took a shot of it right off the needles, unblocked. In that state it measured 40” across the top and about 18 1/2” down the center.

After a soak in the sink in some cool water and shampoo followed by a cold rinse and spin in the washing machine, I blocked it with wires on my bed. After removing the blocking wires I measured it again in a relaxed state and it is 52” across the top and about 25” down the center. So, it blocked out more than I expected and it is really a nice size to wear as a scarf.

I can see wearing in over the shoulders too with a shawl pin. Sorry this one is a little dark but the light was starting to go when I remembered to take one with a shawl pin.

It was a very fun project to make and so easy and quick. If you want to make your own just follow the link to my project page or direct from here to buy the pattern. I will eventually have the pattern available on my website where you can also find the  Classic Merino Superwash DK yarn. You just need two skeins. I added three extra stripes of each color but that is the only modification other than using size 7 and 8 needles. The 8 is just for the bind off so I used a DPN. Let me know if you make one. I would love to see yours too!

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