It’s starting to look like a sweater

My Sprossling is really coming along splendidly. I am so glad I picked this back up to finish. It is long overdue and I can’t wait to wear it!

I finished the first sleeve, got it washed and blocked, and wound a new skein to cast on the second sleeve. Before I started to work on that second skein however, I decided to go ahead and seam the shoulders and work the edgings.

2012 11 19_2326.JPG

My main reason for doing that is because I had a small amount of yarn left from the sleeve and rather than have to start with that on the second sleeve and running into the necessity of splicing on a new skein, I could just use it for the edgings and use a new skein for the second sleeve. I hate to waste yarn, especially hand dyed yarn, so this way seemed most efficient to me. Working the edges used up almost the whole ball nicely.

2012 11 19_2328.JPG

It looks as if it will only take 4 skeins of the 5 I had set aside for this project. I guess that does make sense though. The yardage required for the size 38” is 1400 yards. My Classic Merino Superwash Sport has 340 yards per skein so doing the math results in 4.11 skeins being needed, which is why I had reserved 5 skeins. I will most definitely not need the 5th skein.

My row gauge tends to be compressed more than it was on this sweater for some reason, which is probably what is causing me to use slightly less yarn. I re-measured the gauge in the blocked pieces and the stitch is gauge is about right but the row gauge is a row or two short. In pattern it should be 38 rows in 4” but mine is more like 36 or 37 at most. Maybe it’s because I am using a sport weight rather than a fingering weight?

I will hopefully be done with the sleeve and possibly even have it seamed within the week. Wish me luck!

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