Hard at Work

I did get busy on writing up the ladies Sorrel pattern yesterday and it is basically done. It took a lot of my attention for most of those day which involved way more math than you want to know or hear about. :-)


I had to estimate the yardage requirements for the other sizes since I don’t want to hold up the publishing while I have all the sizes test knit. I know that the 42” that I knit took almost exactly 2 1/2 skeins and I went from that as a basis along with Ann Budd’s Handy Yardage Estimator as a guide for the rest. Her estimate for a vest of the size and gauge I made were pretty close to what I used so I am reasonably confident in my recommendations.

I desperately need to clean the house so I will probably publish the pattern next week sometime. I want to go over it again and check my figures first and won’t have time to do that today. I am also still not sure on the name. I also picked up about 15 pounds of Suri Alpaca to dye and need to get to work on that this afternoon if I can.

workshop-08-22-15 (7)

In other news, the wood shop has been in full swing in the last couple of weeks. Jerry and Ian have been hard at work finishing a batch of oak yarn swifts. Those are now in my work shop area with the finish drying while awaiting final packaging.

workshop-08-22-15 (1)

I am also excited to announce that we will finally have lots of new Sock Keepers back in stock very soon. Here is the proof!


This is my adorable husband sanding the ends of each and every Sock Keeper.


Here is my middle son, Ian, sanding the slots where the double point needles sit in the Keeper.


There will be a slight change to how we make these from here on out. We are no longer laminating them from thin strips of wood. We are now making them from solid wood of one type. We will mostly be using cherry, walnut and oak, but there will be some special and exotic woods when we happen to have them on hand. I know there are some mahogany ones and maybe some poplar in this batch. I will show them to you when they are all done. They are going to look great!

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