Finally some knitting…

I missed writing a post while I was in Virginia. The Olde Liberty Fibre Faire was a bit of a wash unfortunately, literally. It rained most of Saturday and the attendance was sparse. I felt for the vendors in tents. I was at least in the barn, but the rain kept blowing in on my side. By 2:00 the wind and rain really picked up and since there weren’t any shoppers by that point we all began packing up. It is such a beautiful place, and the host farm was very good to us vendors. They even had snacks, coffee, water, etc.. for us. Maybe next year will have better weather.


I left on Sunday and spent two nights in Hagerstown, MD since I wasn’t able to change my hotel reservation in Connecticut to go straight there. I had made my booking there before I knew I was doing the show in Virginia. I figured it would be a good idea to have a shorter drive into Connecticut than I would have had leaving from Lynchburg, VA since I was driving through NYC. Actually after checking out the tolls for my truck/trailer (4 axles) especially the George Washington Bridge, that it was best to re-route if possible. If what I saw online was correct the bridge alone would be about $30. Yikes! I went around the west bypass (I-287) and went over the Tappan-Zee Bridge instead. Anyway, so I am here and resting up for my booth set up tomorrow morning at Stitches United. 

I did get some knitting done since my last post. I finished the second sleeve on my Sprossling and started the back. Sorry for the darkish picture but it’s taken in my hotel room and it’s still raining out. Hope the weather clears soon. I am rather sick of rain just now. :-)



4 thoughts on “Finally some knitting…

  1. Sounds like you got the Greencastle weather! Greencastle this year was gorgeous, so that makes two years in a row. That probably means we will need hip boots and parkas next year. :) I know you’ve found other shows that are a better fit, but we still miss seeing you there.

    Love the Sprossling! That’s on my to-make list.

    1. Oh good. Glad the weather was nice there. I wouldn’t mind going back to Greencastle, actually but whenever I try to apply they don’t want to give me 2 booths. They only let you get 2 10×10 booths in the Community building and there are never any openings. The other building only has small booths and they will only let you have one. It’s a shame.

      1. We’ve noticed that they have really thinned out the community building vendors. Now that you mention it, most of those are the double booths. They may be trying to improve traffic flow, but it almost seems half empty. There was a back corner empty that was occupied by a vendor pretty regularly. Maybe there’s a spot up for grabs! :)

      2. Interesting. I will look into it then for next year. Thanks! :-)

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