Edwina Shawl and next project plans


I was a few days late getting Edwina blocked. Yesterday was the first opportunity I had due to needing to catch up on household and business stuff. In addition to that my husband has been sick since Saturday night and I need my bed to block on. He is doing a bit better finally and we are dosing everyone else with Airborne in hopes no one else gets it. My oldest son was down yesterday, but hopefully we caught it in time to shorten it’s stay.


Anyway, it measures just what the pattern gives as the expected dimensions, which is 72” x 36”. I enjoyed making this shawl very much. The stitch patterns are varied and interesting with lovely composition in the finished shawl. I was dubious at first about using the Saffron for this but all doubt is gone now. I love it in this color and it is surprisingly wearable. I didn’t have anyone available this morning to help me with pictures so I don’t have any modeled shots but even on my skin tone I like it. Like most people, I always thought I couldn’t wear yellow, but it works. :-)


I used about two and a half skeins of Classic Merino Lace and size 4 US needles to make mine. I didn’t alter the size, but you could do that if you wanted to. I can’t see needing to make it bigger but if you wanted to make it smaller you could leave out one repeat of the main body pattern right above the border sections. I can’t guarantee you would only need two skeins if you did but it is possible. I started the third skein on the last two border charts.


This size is a bit long for me since I am only 5’2” but I find that I appreciate the width for wrapping up in so don’t mind the extra length.


I am having fun knitting lace this year and I am very much tempted to cast on another shawl, but I promised to get to work on a much requested design so I suppose I should do that first.


What is the project you ask? Well I have had numerous requests to write Sorrel in ladies sizes. So I guess now is the time to try it.

2013 10 02_4184_edited-1.JPG

I have begun some preliminary calculations and picked out yarn but that is all so far. I am hung up on how to alter the dimensions for adults. First off it is a slight A-line shape with only 2” difference in the hew and chest circumference. I think I need to add a couple inches but don’t want it too floaty in the hips. I am aiming for a slightly close fitting tunic. I also think I will lower the neck line and leave out the back neck button. That will be decided when I get closer.

Another option I considered is to do it in two gauges. I still want to keep it in the fingering weight Merino Bamboo blend because the style suits a light all weather yarn. An idea occurred to me though to upscale the gauge for the DK to make for a faster knitting option. I am conflicted that a warm weather design like this doesn’t make sense in a DK wool yarn. What are your thoughts on that? Do both or only the fingering weight version?

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