I guess the biggest news for this post is that my newest granddaughter Sorrel Rose was born 3 weeks earlier than we expected her.

Sorrel Rose

The funny thing is that just a couple days before this I had finished writing up the pattern for the baby dress named in her honor and was sending yarn and the pattern for my daughter to test knit the smallest size for me. She was going to have Sorrel model it when she arrived. The next day, when I was to put the yarn in the mail for her, she texted me at 6:00 am to say her water had broken and was in labor. Oh well, so much for that idea, LOL!

Never fear though I had two other test knitters lined up and they are working on theirs I am sure. I did cast on for a small anyway, and can hopefully get it done pretty quickly to send to my daughter for the baby.

2013 05 03_3584.JPG

This past weekend we made the long trip up to Minneapolis for Yarnover. It was a very nice event and I sure do wish it was closer to me because while we really had a nice time there we decided it was just too far for a one day event and probably won’t do it next year. We plan to continue going to Shepherd’s Harvest which is next weekend, but two trips so far away that are only weeks apart is just too much. :-(

I do have a couple pictures from the event to show you though.





Oh I have more babies for you! The robins hatched while we were in Minneapolis.  There are four of them gain this year.

2013 05 03_3592.JPG

I noted as we got further and further north in our travels that spring had not sprung yet everywhere. The leaves were barely budding on the trees and there were piles of melting snow in the parking lots from the snow the previous weekend.

Spring is in full bloom where we live and I am so glad to live in the south. :-)

2013 05 03_3585.JPG

These Peonies are my favorite flower in our yard. These smell like roses without all the fussiness of roses. :-)

2013 05 03_3586.JPG

My husband and oldest son put in a few tomato and pepper plants a couple weeks back and I can’t wait for some garden tomatoes! It’s been several years since we have done any vegetable gardening.

2013 05 03_3588_edited-1.JPG

I just love these little wildflowers that are everywhere in our lawn this  time of year. I don’t care a bit that it’s not all “grass”. I think they are much more interesting. :-)

2013 05 03_3589.JPG

The maple trees that are numerous on our property are in full leaf already.

2013 05 03_3590.JPG

I will close with a picture of the goodies that are all boxed up and going out soon to our new retailer in Pittsford, NY, Yarn Culture. I believe they are a new shop so if you are in the area check it out. They don’t have their website up yet, but have told me it is forth coming.

Wholesale to YarnCulture5-13.jpg

8 thoughts on “Beginnings

  1. Congratulations on the new grandchild.

    Wow spring gets to you about 4 weeks sooner than it does here. We don’t have peonies until Memorial Day. In fact they are the traditional flower to put on graves for Memorial Day in this area. Please tell me that you’re going to have some of those bowls at Wooster.

    1. Thanks Lori! We actually start to see flowers like Daffodils and Crocus by early March and sometimes even late February. I love the south! :-)

      I hope we will have some bowls left by then, We have two shows between now and Wooster. They are all listed on the website though if you don’t want to take the chance. LOL

  2. First of all, congratulations on being a Grandma (or whatever name you go by…). Sorrel is such a cutie, and she looks very healthy. Love your yard pics, I agree on wildflowers being better than a “perfect” yard any day. Wow, that shot of the robins is amazing, they are so tiny! Really neat that you get to observe that. I remember there being some at my mom’s house growing up, but it seemed that some type of critter always got to them before they could get a chance to live :(

    I hope you do great at your next show. I used to do craft shows and I understand a small portion of your pain with the packing/travelling, etc. It is wonderful and exhausting all at the same time!

    1. Thanks! I go by Nana. Well that’s the plan anyway, they aren’t really old enough to see if it’s going to take yet, LOL!

      I love traveling and doing shows, but it is very tiring for sure. It’s a good tired though. :-)

      The robins have taken to our playhouse tower I guess. They nest there every year and don’t seem to be bothered by any predators there. Not counting me of course. I sneak up there and snap a quick picture every few days but otherwise leave them in peace. :-)

  3. Congrats on your new little one. She is lovely!

    I love the photos of your yarn, especially that last one. Such color! When you were in Kalamazoo, I resisted, keeping in mind my already large stash. My husband – my chief enabler – had no such concerns, and bought me a skein of yarn, and a pattern to boot. Looking forward to knitting it up (someday…)

    Our trees are just now showing leaf buds; they are really beautiful. I love this first shade of spring green…

    1. Thanks! I hope you will enjoy the yarn. :-)
      I too like the new green of spring. Summer is my favorite season because of the warmth and light.

  4. Congratulations on the new grandchild!

    I’m loving how spring seems to be bounding in in our area lately–and very happy that we’ve avoided the snows of further west! Our peonies aren’t near ready to bloom yet, but they’re coming quickly.

    1. Thank you! We think she’s a keeper. :-)

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