Back in Schaumburg

Hey everyone! I am currently in my hotel room having a little bit of down time before I head over to the Renaissance Convention Center for the opening market day at Stitches Midwest 2016.

I drove up and set up the booth on Tuesday and Wednesday.

StitchesMW2016 (9)

StitchesMW2016 (1)

StitchesMW2016 (3)

StitchesMW2016 (8)

I ended up needing to go shoe shopping on Wednesday afternoon after I finished getting the booth ready because the strap on my sandals broke while I was working and it was the only pair of shoes I brought. They were the Crocs I had bought when I was here a couple years ago. I loved those shoes so I went back to the Croc store in Woodfield Mall and got something similar.

08-04-16 (7)08-04-16 (8)

I also went out this morning after breakfast to my favorite place to visit when I am here, the Half-Price Books store, which is just up the way from my hotel. I found a few things that I couldn’t resist. Smile

08-04-16 (1)

I have been knitting a little and have started the second sock and another newborn wool diaper cover.

08-04-16 (4)

08-04-16 (5)

I will be started a new lace project or two soon; more on that later. Bye for now!

2 thoughts on “Back in Schaumburg

  1. Hope you had a successful show! I bought a yarn box from you at the show and wanted to tell you how much I LOVE It! My yarn is now safe from my cats (actually, only one naughty yarn-loving cat), I can knit comfortably again, and my (remaining) beautiful porcelain yarn bowls are now retired and on display as “decor”. Anyway, love the box so much, I’m at your website now to order a second One! Besides it’s functionality, I love the quality of workmanship on the box – it’s just exquisite. Bought it to my guild meeting last night and everyone admired it!

    1. Hi Ada, Thank you so much for your purchase and for your kind words! I am glad to hear that you are happy with your Yarn Box. Thank you also for checking out my blog. :-)

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