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The year is drawing to an end and so has the show season, at least for me. I am getting back into the routine of daily life without travel interruptions. There has been much housekeeping and bookkeeping to get caught and last week took care of most of it. I still need to get the oil changed in my truck and renew the tags. I plan to take care of those items this week. I also will be back to work at my dyepots I think. New Era Fiber Mill has already sent some jobs my way which I did late last week. I expect to pick up some more when I drop off the finished goods tomorrow.

alpaca-dyeing-10-2015 (2)

Here are the samples I worked up on Wednesday and the whole lot below which I did on Thursday.

alpaca-dyeing-10-2015 (4)

On the knitting front, after I finished Lilyanna, I cast on a new project for a new designer I will be retailing for next year. I have some of Nancy Whitman’s patterns already on the website. Her work is also available on Ravelry. The first one of her lovely designs that I picked to knit is the Bermuda Shawl. I am using my Classic Merino Superwash Sock yarn in Atlantic and Midnight Blue on size US 6 needles. I wouldn’t normally use that size needles with this yarn in stockinette, but since the yarn is comparable in yardage to the Madelinetosh Merino Light and she used a US 7, I went for it. The idea is to have drape and a lighter fabric, I assume.

bermuda-triangle-progress (4)

It is going pretty fast. I am a bit past the halfway point already. It is a perfect movie knitting. I am still working my way through the X-Files for the third time, and I am sadly down to the last two episodes of the last season. I hope the new episodes in January will be good. I remain a bit skeptical that they can pull it off.

4 thoughts on “Back Home

  1. I am skeptical about the new X-Files as well, well put there Scully. Exciting things happening in the dyepot – how wonderful! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your well-deserved break from the shows.

    1. Thanks! I enjoy traveling but it is nice to be home too. I just have to fight the urge to go into hermit mode. :-D

  2. Looks beautiful! I’m a slow learner but would love a knitting lesson or two if you ever have any spare time, sounds like the yarn orders will keep you busy for awhile.

    1. I would be happy to teach you Janelle. I can email you my number and we can work something out. :-)

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