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Sorry I fell behind on my posting lately. I am 75% done with the edging on Lilyanna and will be picking up the top section stitches before you know it and working those German short rows. Smile

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I thought this might be a perfect time to show you all a new thing we are working on for the knitters. We have been making wood and leather Yarn Bowls for several years now and many customers have commented on the fact that a lid was a must for them to use one because of cats, dogs, etc… so this is our solution.

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We have a couple ideas for lid styles and this is the first one, with more to follow. We will see what the customers prefer before we finalize the design. This one sits on the top and is not attached at all which makes it lightweight (no hardware) and economical. One of our design priorities is that you can at anytime extricate your project so that is the reason for the slit on the edge.

It is 5” square and will be made from various woods. Our introductory price this weekend at the Fiber in the Boro festival will be $30 but that may change in the future based on wood type. What do you think? What should we call them? We would love to hear your questions, comments, feedback. Smile

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    1. Hi, thanks for asking. :-) my website is knittingnotions.com. My contact information is there as well if you need help finding what you are looking for or need assistance with your purchase.

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