A life of gratitude

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I hope you have had a lovely day of giving thanks for the blessings in your life. In my own life I am most grateful for the gift of life which was bought at a great price. I did nothing to earn it, and still don’t. It is free to me simply because of the love of God in Christ. It makes me free and teaches me what real love is. Without it I am not who I was made to be. It is this which gives me peace and joy in my heart. No matter what the circumstances, whether good or bad from our perspective, nothing can remove that love from me. It is bigger and deeper than we can even comprehend.

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I am thankful for the family I have been blessed with. They are truly a joy and a comfort to me, even when the close quarters of our day to day existence cause us to grate on each others nerves. I wouldn’t change a thing.

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I am thankful for the ability and means to enjoy many comforts of life. We have a decent home, two trucks and lack for no necessities. I am thankful for the joys I can take in music, reading, and of course knitting. We have been blessed with a successful business that has afforded us the means to provide for our needs and even many wants too. What a great nation we are fortunate enough to be living in that, at least for now, an individual of family can work hard and still enjoy the fruits of their labor. That is such an astounding thing in this world! 

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Okay, I do have some knitting to share today too. I promised some pictures of Elijah in the Ella Funt sweater and today was the first day we have seen the sun in almost a week. After dinner, which I totally meant to get a few shots of the spread and forgot, we ventured outside for a little photo shoot and target practice. Jerry bought a couple bows last week and they have had a good time learning to use them.

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Anyway, the sweater is, as I said a little big, but it’s is so sweet on him.

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Oh, and I also made him a pair of Handsies. Oh my goodness, are these things adorable and FAST to knit! If you have any little ones in your life you have to try them out. They are like potato chips I swear.

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I have made four pairs now. All four of the little ones have a pair. I need to make him a hat as well since he has none for the winter. I have plenty more of this yarn, so I will probably work something up myself. I may make a earflap style with this rib stitch on it to make them match.

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Emma wanted you to see that she has now lost two teeth.

Happy Thanksgiving!! If you are going out into the madness tonight or tomorrow have fun and stay safe! I will be at home, thank you very much. Smile

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Catherine and Family! I love this post.

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