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A Fun Fourth

Fourth of July 2015 (3)

Okay so maybe this part wasn’t fun but I am getting to that. We finished up most of the labeling of the yarn on Friday and did the last bit Saturday morning. There were a baker’s dozen skeins that were snarled to the point of needing re-skeined so that is what I starting working on for the rest of the afternoon on Saturday before heading out to my daughter’s in-laws for a Fourth of July cookout and fireworks.

Many fireworks were fired off and the food and company were much enjoyed by all.

My attempts to capture they fireworks themselves fell short so I didn’t bother to post those but I did get a few of the ones who were having such fun shooting them. :-)

I regret that I totally forgot to take a single picture from the family fun we had on Sunday.  Jerry’s mom, brother, and many nieces and nephews came to spend Sunday afternoon with us.

There is not much knitting progress to report but here is what I have on the Chance of Showers sleeve.

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